20 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2017

The perennial challenge of web advertising is serving the right ads to the right users. Irrelevant ads waste money on both sides of the transaction: the advertiser’s dollars are misspent and the publisher misses an opportunity to collect a fee for a click. Wise Data Media’s algorithms help advertisers and publishers solve the problem by building detailed user profiles that are portable across devices and sites.

Israeli Merger: Whitesmoke acquires Wise Data Media for 5.3 Million Dollars

The Israeli advertising company will pay 750 thousand dollars in cash for 100% of Wise Data Media, with additional payments to be made subject to compliance with objectives over the next few years.

Whitesmoke has improved its position in video marketing by acquiring “Wise Data Media” for 5.3 million dollars

Whitesmoke has improved its position in video marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Ties Into Programmatic Media


In a bid to understand the way in which artificial intelligence (AI) is related to programmatic media, Real-Time Daily spoke to Tomer Sade, CEO and founder of Wise Data Media. The company markets an AI, real-time bid management system that aims to facilitate marketing decisions across all digital channels. The data-driven, cloud marketing software is essentially a prediction management platform that tries to forecast how each new campaign can best be optimized in order to achieve optimal results before bids are made.

AT&T/Time Warner Merger: Opportunities And Potential Piftalls | November 7, 2016

To be sure, by now, most of the prognosticators have weighed in on the proposed $85.4 billion merger of two media and tech giants—AT&T and Time Warner—including RTBlog and its sibling newsletters like PolicyBlog.  The merger, if it passes regulatory scrutiny, has the potential to disrupt the entire media industry.

Text-To-Video Technology: Content & Ads Get Moving

Wise Data Media Launches Wise Content, Text-To-Video Technology That Transforms Story Telling Capabilities. Wise Data Media, a data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management platform provider, announced the launch of Wise Content, a text-to-video technology that creates a new medium for information quickly and efficiently. This system delivers content that is fully customizable, enabling you to choose your own commercial model and expand monetization.

Inside AT&T Chief Randall Stephenson’s Hollywood Charm Offensive

In private meetings, the Boy Scout who backs Black Lives Matter puts Time Warner execs at ease as he notes he’s no fan of Donald Trump. Says Peter Chernin, “Hollywood should look at him with excitement.”

Here’s Why It’s Only the Beginning of the AI Revolution for Digital Video Advertising

It’s no secret that Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have begun using AI for commercial purposes, and now, numerous marketing and advertising agencies have begun to follow suit. Indeed, AI has begun to permeate the marketing and advertising industry because of its capacity to process, analyze and optimize big data in ways heretofore impossible.

Trump-Clinton race spells dollars for local TV stations as ad impressions skyrocket

The recent presidential debate came in as the most-watched in history, with 84 million total viewers and 2.7 million people tweeting about it, according to Nielsen. But the real winners are likely in digital and TV advertising, particularly for local TV stations, where fill rates and average impressions have skyrocketed.

Report: Pols hitting up digital to reach voters

This election cycle the digital space is proving to be the hot ticket. That’s the word from new Wise Data Media, which found that both the Republican and Democratic parties are pushing more ad dollars into the online space.

10 Enterprise Technologies Sizzling Up This Summer

With the explosive success over the last couple years of enterprise startups like Slack, Docker, and others, creative entrepreneurs are flocking to start enterprise tech companies that solve all kinds of pain points. As the summer winds down and businesses gear up for a busy fall season, I’ve compiled a list of 10 enterprise technologies that can help enterprises in many different areas, from finance and sales/advertising to IT and customer service.

Fill Rates During GOP, Dem Conventions Jump Over 20%

According to Wise Data Media, the Democratic and Republican conventions in July strongly impacted fill rates and overall CPMs in certain regional digital ad markets. Data from media buys made on the Wise Data platform showed fill rates increased more than 20% in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where the GOP and Democratic conventions were held respectively.

2016 Red Herring Asia: winners

Red Herring’s editorial team analyzes hundreds of cutting edge companies and technologies and selects those who are positioned to grow at an explosive rate.